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[2006-03-01] Hot Springs: the Treasure from Underground

Simple and clean design, natural and fragrant hot spring irrigation, a newly emerged hot spring culture has arisen here in AquaBella, Beitou.  Its intention to overturn the former hot spring trend, to revitalize Beitou culture, and to appreciate traditional architect has become even more intense.

AquaBella is a new breed of hot spring hotel with high-quality and elegant taste that promises our guests to be touched by its spatial ambience.  It is located on WenQuan Road, Beitou, in a structure that looks simple and elegant during the day.  At night, it is absolutely charming with its lambent display.  Day or night, AquaBella vouches for everyone's perfect journey.

The brand-new, state-of-the-art hot spring control system takes only 6 minutes to fill up one of our full-size hot spring bathtubs.  Together with our advanced "negative Ions Refresh Air System", it gives our guests an unparallel experience, and further raises the hot spring tradition, concept, and culture to another level.  Whether you are here to enjoy spa treatments, for leisure travel or on business, we can quarantee your stay is a delightful one.

AquaBella Hotel